Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a bit on disneyland

So, I know a post about Disneyland pretty much demands photos. However, I am not going to do photos on this post. Why? I'm not on the "big" computer, and photos take some time to upload, etc.

A short rundown on Disneyland with a baby under 6 months old and a toddler under 2.5.

Don't do it.

Okay, maybe do it. But don't have a sick toddler (which we did) and do bring a baby wrap and stroller for the toddler (which we did). But not having a sick toddler pretty much trumps anything else.

Simon managed to come down with the flu/vomiting the morning we were to leave. What do you do? For one, hope it is the 24 hour flu. e vomited in the car on the way to the airport, for goodness sakes, and we had to stop at Old Navy, buy new clothes, throw out some old clothes, and try to clean the carseat the best we could.

He seemed to be doing better later on, and our first day at Disneyland was pretty fun (seriously, thank goodness for the baby wrap to hold Eleanor, since Simon wanted to sit in the stroller basically the whole time).

On day 2 (of 3), we went to California Adventure around lunch time and were loving Cars Land (so cool—it really looks like the movie). Jamund took Simon on the flying tires ride and came out holding Simon, so happy, but with something on his shirt.... poop.

And thus began the yucky poop phase of our Disney trip. Day 3 was pretty much misery time. It was rainy, my shoes (Toms) and socks were basically wet and squelchy the entire day. We powered through a tantrum, going to Disneyland and California Adventure, and then back to Disneyland. During/after dinner we had another yucky poop on our hands (well, in his pants), so we went to the Mother/Baby area (which is great) to change his diaper and feed Eleanor. The diaper change required an outfit change and then we were out reading some books when Simon was offered and took a pretzel from some people. He took a bite and then vomited all over. Jamund caught some in his hands and on his clothes. Simon didn't have another change of clothes, so he (and Jamund) spent the rest of the cold/yucky evening in vomitty clothes. Oh man, it was awful. Eleanor also had a yucky poop right after that which required a change of clothes. If Day 3 had been Day 1, we might have only had one day at Disneyland, you know what I mean?

So we made it back to the hotel and went to bed (after trying to "wash" out clothes in the bathtub). I woke up feeling yucky and had my own yuckiness and vomit time before we headed to the airport (we also had to wait outside in the rain for our shuttle for awhile. Nice).

We made it home eventually, somehow, and I only threw up once more at home! (it's the small things).

We've now transitioned from the flu to horrible nasty colds and what I'm pretty sure is croup. Poor Eleanor. She is just miserable.

Anyway, I feel like we are under quarantine. So far it's been a pretty lousy December, though we do have a great tree with awesome frosted sugar cookie gnomes, owls, and squirrels on it...

Pictures someday. Probably. Maybe.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Giving thanks

Hello people!

So, we had a pretty good/busy Thanksgiving week. We decided to (finally) go to the "Eat Like a Pilgrim" Thanksgiving dinner at Thanksgiving Point. We've been mulling over going for at least 1-2 years now, and we finally took the plunge. It got the kids home a bit late for bed, but oh well. Basically, it was a "reenactment" of the first Thanksgiving, but I'm not convinced the food was as authentic as they claim it is/should be. We had salad, apple cider, bread, corn pudding, pumpkin (which Ellie tried a little bit of for her "first" real/solid food), turkey, pork, and berry cobbler. They also had some animals—like a little goat, calf, turkey, as well as some pilgrim-type things (exhibits/games). Also, of course, there were people dressed up like pilgrims and Native Americans. 

Other than that, the week involved this:

And this— Eleanor's first cereal:

And, naturally, Thanksgiving itself:

(inspiration for the centerpieces from here)

My sister and her family came over along with my mom, who happened to be in town, for a "Mexican" themed Thanksgiving. We made a turkey and cranberry sauce, but mostly we enjoyed eating the tortillas, rice, beans, chips, salsa, guacamole, and corn pudding. We also had some pies for dessert. Some of the kids put on a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving, complete with an after dinner dance party that the pilgrims probably should have had, if they didn't. Also, Jamund was so pleased because he somehow got almost everybody (read: not me, at least not for very long) to watch "Princess Mononoke." That, in itself, constituted a successful day for Jamund. 

Next up: our very exciting and memorable Disneyland trip with two babies! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Halloween isn't really our deal. In the months preceeding we talk over and over about potential costumes for our family. We could all dress up like characters from The Bernstein Bears, or Harry Potter or whatever. But our affinity for costume making or even costume designing is pretty lousy, so we usually drop the ideas and come up with something fairly last minute for the kids.

To start off Halloween for FHE that week we made some awesome Jack-O-Lanterns. Simon was mostly memorized by them.


This year was Simon's first year being able to go trick or treating. Kari and Eleanor were both a little sick so they stayed home and we left the candy on the porch. 

This year Simon dressed up like a Train Engineer. His costume was borrowed from some friendly neighbors. I think Kari made the kerchief herself.


It was our first year going out together. We had a lot of fun. Usually he'd go up to the door and stare at the people until they gave him candy :)

Trick or Treating

Eleanor was dressed up like a lovely butterfly. Simon thought her costume was a backpack and also liked very much to wear it.


That night we also had our traditional Jack-O-Lantern pizzas, but we were out of Tomatoes so we used Sausage instead to make the face. It was pretty good. I tried to make one that looked like a moon (in anticipation of this great idea I have to make a pizza company called Half Moon Bay Pizza Co.), but it didn't really work out that well. This probably spells doom for my pizza company idea as well.


We also made delicious sugar cookies we tried to make with food colored frosting. Simon loved this one. For obvious reasons.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

That Time I Remodeled The Bathroom

So Kari mentioned that we are moving to the bay area and selling the house. Part of selling a house is getting it ready for other people to enjoy. While we certainly enjoy our home there are definitely some parts of our house that aren't super awesome. One such area used to be our downstairs bathroom. With the help of Ikea and a bunch of time we made it beautiful. Below is a decent side by side photo of the transformation.

Let me outline some of the improvements:
- Removed wallpaper
- Removed old fixtures / mirrors
- Removed old vanity / sink
- Cleaned up walls
- Had some guy fix the molding along the floor
- Painted Walls
- Added new lights from Ikea
- Installed awesome Ikea vanity over the course of 2 weeks :)
- Put up a cute print above the toilet
- Added a nice mirror from Lowes
- Added new Ikea towel racks and toilet paper holder

It was a fun job. It took 2-3 weeks to finish, but we're super happy with it. Unfortunately not all of our DIY jobs have been this successful and while we saved probably $1000 over having someone else do the work, it took a lot of time and was a fairly big hassle. The good thing was the Ikea plumbing stuff was way easier than we had been warned about online. Hurray for cute houses, if only our new one can be this cute :)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Life

Hey everyone, it's Jamund,

We've had a pretty busy fall life. In the previous post we saw pictures of Simon's gymnastics experience and learned about our pending moving plans. Those are good things, but there have been many other good things as well. Let's see some pictures of them.

I took a day off last month so we could all go as a family up to South Jordan and see a few exciting places including Gardner Village and Wheeler Farms as well as visit the famous Dunford Donuts factory. It's famous for me anyway, because it's where Utah's finest donuts are produced. I love them. Anyway, it ended up being a pretty stressful and busy day, but this picture proves that Simon and I had some fun at some point during the day :) The donuts were of course delicious and were eaten up in a few days.

Gardner Village

Gardner Village is a little place with miniature houses with seasonal shops stuffed in them. Kari loves one of the year-round shops called Down To Earth which is some sort of boutique home store. Because I appreciate great design I too become enamored with the $80 pillows and $400 chairs. One day, oh one day. Anyway, Kari wants the gray bed they have. The village was having a witch themed event, which was good. Simon loved for some reason the witch-themed outhouse called "Witchy Poo".

Untitled  Untitled

This place is alright. We have to remember that the cafe has pretty ghetto cafeteria food, but there are a lot of fun places to shop and look around, so it's worth a visit once in a while. Simon liked it a lot.


Later we ended up at Wheeler Farms and Kari was looking cute in front of a baby cow. Forget the cow. Baby Eleanor and Kari are way cuter. That place was alright, but it's far away and kind of dry.


More recently we went to the pumpkin patch at Harward Farms here in Springville. Simon was a peach and picked his own pumpkin. Lovely boy. We also enjoyed the hay stack maze and tractor ride.  It was free also. Seriously, we love Springville!!!

Harward Farm's Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, November 3, 2012

the past few weeks

Do you ever feel like this?


Stuck in a foam pit and wading through it all?

I'm not sure that's how I've felt the past few weeks, but it is nice imagery. Mostly October was...hmmm. You ever have a time where not so much happens, per se, but the wheel is set in motion for big thing(s) to happen? I guess that's what October was like.

We are planning to move. We aren't sure exactly when, but we're mostly sure where, although that could change as well (specific versus general). Jamund felt that we need to move to the Bay Area, and we're currently planning on moving to this new development in San Mateo—although it isn't finished yet and we are not sure exactly when it will be or how much it will cost (and yes, everyone, we do know it is "so expensive" to live in California/the Bay Area. Thank you. I am from there.).

So in other words, foam pit time. Wading wading wading (waiting waiting waiting?). We are trying to get our house ship shape so we can put it on the market in case it ends up staying on the market for longer than ideal.

I guess it's good that we don't have a set time frame for that reason; Jamund already works from home for a company in Redwood City, so it's not like he has to be out there at any certain date. The kids aren't in school, so that's not an issue. Mostly we're just hoping it all works out as best it should. If our house sells super fast and we have to move out before the new development is ready, we can go live at the cabin in Arnold for awhile and Jamund can work remotely from there. So really, we're going to be just fine. Hopefully. As long as the house sells in a reasonable time!

If you know anyone who wants a nice family home in Springville, let us know...



Monday, October 1, 2012

sorry guys

Apologies for two photo-less posts, but writing something is better than not, right? Maybe? Depends?

It is now October. I love fall. I don't care so much about Halloween, truth be told, but I do like fall. I like shifting my wardrobe and crunching leaves (now with stroller tires instead of bike tires). I like the weather. I like the foods (although I do love summer fruits the best). So...fall is just nice. 

What else... hmm. Baby girl seems to be sleeping through the night now. Hooray! Next up: sleeping in her own room? She is a little love, and she's doing so well. Today she rolled over from her tummy to her back a few times, so there's that.

Simon is a crazy little man. I love him to bits, and man, he is a talker. And he's busy. Phew.

As for the adults in the family... we are here, surviving, eating lots of Greek yogurt (seriously, it's almost ridiculous)...

Speaking of food, we recommend: Cubby's in Provo (the best hamburger Jamund's ever eaten out). 

Speaking of recommendations, go to Harmony in Provo. Just go and buy something because I want them to stay in business because the lady is so nice and I just love the fabric. They also sell lots of yarn and gift things and such. It is such a lovely shop and I love it.

Speaking of yarn, I may or may not start knitting again, though I plan to just make scarves because then I won't get too stressed out about it. Maybe baby hats. Maybe.

Speaking of baby hats, soon it will be winter and the babies will need them. Speaking of winter, oh man. I hope it doesn't snow SOOOO much. Sigh. 

Happy October!

Friday, August 17, 2012

so um yeah

So it's been awhile. We have:

1. Gone on a "vacation" to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where there was much Olympics watching and general staying in the house going on (Henderson/Vegas is HOT in the summer, guys).

2. Gotten the flu (well, Jamund and I). The flu is the pits. Especially when you have a two year old and a two month old.

3. Started a home improvement kick. This has made this week especially busy. Jamund is doing things like installing new door stoppers. Crazy. We also bought more tan bark to put in the backyard and more rock for the front yard. Poor Jamund, shoveling rocks in the heat.

4. Bought a new refrigerator. Yesterday I came home from shopping to discover that the freezer had gone out again: water on the floor from the ice maker (hello, warped wood flooring. Yes, it has happened. Ideas?). The freezer has had this problem before, only the refrigerator side also decided to throw in the towel this time around. Cue food going warm/bad and us eating lots of yogurt in the last 24 hours. Jamund went out and did some shopping/research last night and before breakfast, and Simon and I went out during Eleanor's morning nap. We decided on a Samsung fridge from the RC Willey outlet that was in stock and could be delivered today (a necessity for me). I liked one at Home Depot, but apparently delivery would be for next Wednesday... yeah, not going to happen. Luckily RC Willey matched Home Depot's free delivery for me, and we got some money off because I didn't want some "free chairs" that were advertised (what is with RC Willey and their "freebies"? We also got some free popcorn for purchasing something today. I mean, it's fine [and Simon enjoyed eating popcorn on the way home], it's just kind of strange).

So now we are awaiting our new refrigerator (scheduled to come "sometime after 3 p.m.").... Hopefully some of the fridge food will be salvageable (and thank goodness we own a chest freezer)!

And, on another note, hopefully everyone who comes to our house can fully appreciate the fact that our refrigerator will coordinate with our Samsung TV and DVD/VHS player.  Ha.

Friday, July 20, 2012


It's a good thing I turned 28 because I was kind of in denial about being 27. Twenty eight seems more manageable somehow.

I made myself a pretty wonderful watermelon cake for my birthday via this website (which I found some this website). However, I saved half of the cake and froze it (frosting-less) to reduce "leftovers" and to allow us to make a new half, fresh, on a later date.


While this was a good idea on many levels (it looks cute, it tasted good, leftovers indeed reduced, etc.), it also made frosting it much harder (in my opinion). Frosting a raw edge of cake (I cut a round cake in half and then layered one semi-circle on top of the other) is not such a good idea. Especially a really moist cake. So, my frosting is not super smooth and nice looking, but it tasted good!

Jamund did a really nice job of present-picking, and Simon helped out quite a bit with unwrapping presents. And Eleanor was...there.



Happy family! Happy birthday me!


Thursday, July 19, 2012


I love llamas. I actually love alpacas more since they are smaller and therefore cuter, but llamas will do when alpacas are not around.

Well, this year we finally decided to go to Llama Fest (which is held each year at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork). Factors contributing to this decision: we were actually in town, we saw advertising for it and therefore knew it was happening, Eleanor's feeding schedule permitted it, and we figured we could be back before bedtime for Simon...so off we went!


Mostly it was a weird mix (as Jamund put it) of hipsters, hicks, and Indian culture. And llamas. Wandering freely around. Well, at least a few.


Mostly it was a strange, small sort of festival, but it was fun to see Simon get excited and say "moose" or "mama!" (rather than llama). And the baby llamas. Oh my. I don't think we got a photo of them, but heavens. So cute.


And don't worry. I got one of the pretty much ridiculous t-shirts that would be ugly except for the fact that it has a GIANT LLAMA HEAD in the middle of it. Which is probably what makes it ugly, but then it's a llama so... (see the conundrum?!). Anyway, it's a my new jammie shirt. Win!

p.s. Please read this article about the Llama Fest. I was really loving the quote from the festival organizer about why llamas make a festival great. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Simon had a birthday! Another one!

Jamund's dad and family were in town and we pre-celebrated on Sunday:


Grandpa Ferguson barbecued salmon for us (Jamund's favorite).

IMG_2856  IMG_2859


Baby Eleanor seemed to enjoy meeting some new (to her) grandparents.


I think she felt especially at ease with Kristi... Meanwhile, Uncle Jake probably felt the least at ease with holding her (though he did a good job!).

IMG_2882  IMG_2891

Most of Simon's actual birthday was spent in Midway, although we had breakfast at Chick's in Heber City:



Not too epic of a birthday, but he did get some blocks, a ball, shoes, trains, a super awesome dinosaur themed kiddie pool,  clothes, toys, a personalized towel, etc....Not bad for only being alive as long as he has!


Happy day, Simon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

going to bed. soon.

It would be our luck that we buy 2 things of ice cream on the day our freezer apparently decides to go kapoot. Kaput? The refrigerator half of the side by side refrigerator/freezer seems to be okay (fingers crossed?) but the freezer? Not so hot. Actually, not so freezing. You know. Maybe it will get better by the morning?

Could be worse, though. At least we haven't had to evacuate because of a fire. (Seriously, Utah? So many fires!) At least we are relatively healthy (baby girl has thrush, though, so we're dealing with that). At least Jamund has work off tomorrow! (shopping for a new fridge?) At least it's a holiday so maybe fridges will be on sale?

Anyway, I better go to bed. Sleep is important when you have a baby. This is a fact.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

bathing baby

Giving a newborn a bath is kind of silly. Simon, now that kid needs a bath. Baby girl? Well, I guess she gets sprayed with milk more than I'd like (wake UP when I'm feeding you, Eleanor!), but otherwise she stays relatively clean.

(sleeping, of course)

Anyway, I gave her what one could term a "bath"—mostly washcloth cleaning—but it did the job.

Untitled  Untitled

She wakes!

Untitled  Untitled