Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Corned Beef Hash

Okay folks, truth be told: a large reason I don't post super frequently is photos. Either the "good" photos are on Jamund's phone and aren't uploaded or I'm just too lazy to upload photos from my phone.

I'm uploading some photos as I type, so hopefully there will be some more posts on the way.

But, the subject of this specific post is not photos, my friends, it is corned beef hash. Yes.

When I was little, we went to Las Vegas on a family vacation, and I distinctly remember eating corned beef hash at a buffet (likely breakfast). It may or may not have been at Imperial Palace, as I believe that was the hotel at which we were staying at the time, but that is immaterial. The point is that I enjoyed the corned beef hash.

Anyway, we went to Communal for breakfast in 2011 with my parents, probably in April. My dad and I ordered the corned beef hash. It was not anything like I remembered from my Vegas experience. I was very sad and disappointed.

Last week, we went to Ruth's Diner in Salt Lake and I again ordered the corned beef hash, hoping that a diner would deliver on the flavor and consistency I remembered from my Vegas experience years ago.

No such luck.

So, last week while at Allen's in Springville, I picked up a can of Libby's Corned Beef Hash.

Friends, today I opened that can and proceeded to prepare the corned beef hash. I microwaved it. It looked disgusting. I then put it in a skillet/pan on the stove, hoping to crisp it up a bit. It sort of (okay, not so much) worked. I put an egg (over easy) on the top and ate it.


And it was good. So good. So greasy good and like Vegas.

Who cares that it looked like dog food? Maybe you, but judge me all you want: canned corned beef hash is the way corned beef hash ought to be eaten. I still have about half the can left. And I'm excited.

p.s. I kind of want to make some jello now. Who have I become? (oh yes, a pregnant lady)


  1. This is TOO FUNNY! Oh man. Even when I am not pregnant, I crave corned beef hash. My dad used to make it when I was little, and I love it! Nathan thinks it is so disgusting that I am not allowed to eat it in front of him. Haha. You should try it with cooked cabbage. It is delicious! Cabbage or either diced potatoes mixed with corned beef hash fills my heart (or stomach) with joy.

    And I never told you congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so happy for you and Jamund!!

  2. Corned beef hash is "da bomb". I love it. Of course, I'm Kari's Dad!! It is an old family favorite that you don't eat all the time, which makes it special when you DO eat it ... if it's prepared right. Hey, what about liver and bacon. Yum. Love that too !!!