Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Our Minds...

These days, we (I) are (am) kind of obsessed with food.

I think it's okay. I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant. My days usually consist of taking care of Simon, housework, and cooking food. The food tends to be a highlight of my day (unless it doesn't taste as good as I'd like, then it's kind of the letdown of the day). Not that taking care of Simon isn't wonderful and great. It's not always, though, let's be honest, even if he is entertaining with his ever increasing vocabulary and therefore communication skills (toddlers are hard, people).

But here are some photos to show that maybe I'm not the only one who loves food.

IMG_1718 IMG_1722

Simon is a fan as well.

And so is Jamund, but he's started to count calories again seeing as he's gained some good weight this pregnancy too. Not quite as much as I have, but still. Poor Jamund.

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