Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pizza and kids

Last Monday, my sisters and I (and two of the husbands) met at Slab Pizza in Provo with our children.


I think everyone enjoyed the pizza, and we didn't get kicked out for being too loud, so that's always good.


p.s. The Chili Verde is better than the Pulled Pork, just in case you ever wondered.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

away from home

Simon is currently standing at our big bedroom window, probably looking for cars (and sometimes saying "choo choo" since you can hear the train from our house). Sometimes I think raising a toddler boy is like having a puppy.

The real subject of this post is that Jamund and I did something non-boring last night! We left Simon at home with our friend Angela (thanks Angela!) and went up to Salt Lake. Big deal! Seriously, though. It is. Usually we are home from our dates about 8-9 p.m., so staying out past 11 p.m. was epic.

We began the Salt Lake date with dinner at the Pie with my sister and her family (and lots of other people related to people but not directly to us). Kim is visiting from Virginia, and this is the second time on her trip that we have seen her (and eaten pizza). Oh, it was delicious. We got the cheese pull-apart (and shared most of it) and the veggie pizza with gyro meat added on top. Don't want to be too healthy. So good. I love the Pie.

Then we went to Kilby Court to see a band that Jamund has been wanting to see for a long, long time (the Jealous Sound).


It was an interesting but good night because I used to go to Kilby Court quite a lot many years ago now, so it was silly remembering old times and seeing how Kilby really hasn't changed very much. Also, I ended up knowing two of the people in the Jealous Sound (Josh Staples, bass/background vocals, is also in the Velvet Teen and the New Trust and Michael, guitar, is in the New Trust). Josh is a dear and remembered me despite not having seen me for quite awhile—we chatted, and it made it all the nicer to see people I know playing up on stage (the two on the ends).


All in all, they played a good, tight set. Baby in the belly didn't even seem to mind the loudness of it all. I think she was lulled into a deep sleep by all the pizza and cheesy goodness that had been ingested earlier. Good baby.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In contemplating what we could blog about, Jamund and I came up with the following: Valentine's Day, fish (cooking fish is another arch nemesis), his office (in our basement), our love-hate relationship with the French Bakery, yeah.

Basically we are kind of boring. I don't mind this usually, but sometimes it's kind of sad. I rationalize my current stage of boringness with: pregnancy, sickness, being tired, etc. I do church things (I'm still Primary President) and family things (Simon is busy and has a schedule that doesn't provide for too much galavanting around). I guess that's just where I am now. That's life. Life used to be some combination of school/music/friends/social life/going out/working/not working, whatever. But now it's mostly: church, family, cooking, cleaning, exercising, resting. Yep.

And just to prove that I'm good at at least one of those things, here is evidence that I am the "Ultimate Chef" of the home (I am attempting to get Simon to give me a high five):


We had an at home date night "cook off" in which Jamund made mizithra pasta and I made chicken piccata. I won. Mizithra cheese is just strange. What kind of cheese (apparently) refuses to melt? It shouldn't even be called cheese at all. Maybe then I could accept it more.


Friday, February 10, 2012

2 + 2 = even

These are my boys.


But, according to the doctor, pretty soon we girls will even out the "score."

Yes, it is true. We are expecting a baby girl. Of course, this supposed girl may actually turn out to be a boy as sometimes babies "hide" their boyness in the ultrasound, but the doctor is pretty sure it's really a girl.

And I think so too.

Good thing the baby room is fairly gender neutral.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Sale

Having a second baby is a bit different.

Instead of "readying the nursery," we have to ready the guest room to become the "toddler" room and ready Simon to move out of his current abode. This may or may not be more labor intensive than readying the nursery. Or about the same. But probably more, since Jamund will have to assemble a bed (vs. buying the crib ready assembled from the "as is" department).

We are going to repaint Simon's new room. Scratch that. We are going to pay someone else to repaint. I have a few arch nemeses, and they include: cooking brown rice and pork and painting. I think I'm too much of an impatient perfectionist to enjoy painting. Heck, I even plan to pay them to do touch ups in the "nursery." Touch up painting, also a nemesis.

We realized last night that we better get a move on in the "guest room to toddler room" transformation.... so people:

Does anyone local want to purchase:

1. A nice wooden (dark) rocking chair

2. gdiaper supplies: I have used shells/liners and unopened packs of the pads (sizes small and m/l)

3. A queen bed: mattress, box spring, and the metal frame with wheels

? Please ? So we don't have to put stuff on classifieds?

Anyway, we can send photos if you would like any of these (if we don't actually know you and you are reading this and want any of these things, still respond/comment! It's okay! I read peoples' blogs who don't know me. I won't be too weirded out ;)

Yes, thank you.

p.s. Does anyone else think flu shots increase the chances of getting the flu? Simon has had some nasty diarrhea lately and vomitted this morning. We are also blaming him for the fact that we now are sick (colds) too. It's all a bit sad because it's not fun and because we had planned to go to Tucano's for dinner last night and now are postponing it until maybe the week after Valentine's. Because (in our world) Valentine's is for Gloria's, not Brazilian churrasco.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

odds and ends

This photo is a bit blurry.


But I think it was taken on Simon's 18 month "birthday" (which was about 3 weeks ago now). He's a talker, a runner, a silly kid. He's a toddler.

What else.

Today I feel pregnant. Some days you just feel it. Man, exercising today: not so fun. I just feel big and yuck. I'd say that usually my belly is "hard" rather than soft, which I guess is good? Means it's baby and not too much fat? That's the goal. But jeez, today. Phew.

Tomorrow is baby's second ultrasound... well, hopefully. The insurance for Jamund's new job should be covering us but it's still a bit unclear since we don't have cards yet, etc.

What else.

I already mentioned the book "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter"by Jennifer Reese, but really guys, along with the butter you should buy the book. It's pretty darn good. Well written, great recipes, and lots of advice that I appreciate—rather than some of the "hippie" books (some of which we own) about DIY and making everything you possibly can yourself—she's really honest in what are and aren't good ideas regarding cooking/animal DIYs. And oh man, the bagel recipe! (Today we are baking a slightly altered version of the chocolate chip cookies... so looking forward to it.)

So there you go. Check out the book. It's good.