Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Sale

Having a second baby is a bit different.

Instead of "readying the nursery," we have to ready the guest room to become the "toddler" room and ready Simon to move out of his current abode. This may or may not be more labor intensive than readying the nursery. Or about the same. But probably more, since Jamund will have to assemble a bed (vs. buying the crib ready assembled from the "as is" department).

We are going to repaint Simon's new room. Scratch that. We are going to pay someone else to repaint. I have a few arch nemeses, and they include: cooking brown rice and pork and painting. I think I'm too much of an impatient perfectionist to enjoy painting. Heck, I even plan to pay them to do touch ups in the "nursery." Touch up painting, also a nemesis.

We realized last night that we better get a move on in the "guest room to toddler room" transformation.... so people:

Does anyone local want to purchase:

1. A nice wooden (dark) rocking chair

2. gdiaper supplies: I have used shells/liners and unopened packs of the pads (sizes small and m/l)

3. A queen bed: mattress, box spring, and the metal frame with wheels

? Please ? So we don't have to put stuff on classifieds?

Anyway, we can send photos if you would like any of these (if we don't actually know you and you are reading this and want any of these things, still respond/comment! It's okay! I read peoples' blogs who don't know me. I won't be too weirded out ;)

Yes, thank you.

p.s. Does anyone else think flu shots increase the chances of getting the flu? Simon has had some nasty diarrhea lately and vomitted this morning. We are also blaming him for the fact that we now are sick (colds) too. It's all a bit sad because it's not fun and because we had planned to go to Tucano's for dinner last night and now are postponing it until maybe the week after Valentine's. Because (in our world) Valentine's is for Gloria's, not Brazilian churrasco.

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