Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In contemplating what we could blog about, Jamund and I came up with the following: Valentine's Day, fish (cooking fish is another arch nemesis), his office (in our basement), our love-hate relationship with the French Bakery, ...um yeah.

Basically we are kind of boring. I don't mind this usually, but sometimes it's kind of sad. I rationalize my current stage of boringness with: pregnancy, sickness, being tired, etc. I do church things (I'm still Primary President) and family things (Simon is busy and has a schedule that doesn't provide for too much galavanting around). I guess that's just where I am now. That's life. Life used to be some combination of school/music/friends/social life/going out/working/not working, whatever. But now it's mostly: church, family, cooking, cleaning, exercising, resting. Yep.

And just to prove that I'm good at at least one of those things, here is evidence that I am the "Ultimate Chef" of the home (I am attempting to get Simon to give me a high five):


We had an at home date night "cook off" in which Jamund made mizithra pasta and I made chicken piccata. I won. Mizithra cheese is just strange. What kind of cheese (apparently) refuses to melt? It shouldn't even be called cheese at all. Maybe then I could accept it more.


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  1. You're your mother's daughter. I remember how much she LOATHES fish and the smell of it in her kitchen. We like to GRILL our fish. Let me know if you ever want to try a very easy and tasty grilled salmon recipe.