Wednesday, February 1, 2012

odds and ends

This photo is a bit blurry.


But I think it was taken on Simon's 18 month "birthday" (which was about 3 weeks ago now). He's a talker, a runner, a silly kid. He's a toddler.

What else.

Today I feel pregnant. Some days you just feel it. Man, exercising today: not so fun. I just feel big and yuck. I'd say that usually my belly is "hard" rather than soft, which I guess is good? Means it's baby and not too much fat? That's the goal. But jeez, today. Phew.

Tomorrow is baby's second ultrasound... well, hopefully. The insurance for Jamund's new job should be covering us but it's still a bit unclear since we don't have cards yet, etc.

What else.

I already mentioned the book "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter"by Jennifer Reese, but really guys, along with the butter you should buy the book. It's pretty darn good. Well written, great recipes, and lots of advice that I appreciate—rather than some of the "hippie" books (some of which we own) about DIY and making everything you possibly can yourself—she's really honest in what are and aren't good ideas regarding cooking/animal DIYs. And oh man, the bagel recipe! (Today we are baking a slightly altered version of the chocolate chip cookies... so looking forward to it.)

So there you go. Check out the book. It's good.

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