Wednesday, March 7, 2012

other plans

Monday was so lovely here that Simon and I ventured outside in the afternoon. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

IMG_1829 IMG_1827

I anticipated Tuesday also being somewhat nice and woke up with plans (okay, maybe one plan) of possibly going on a walk with Simon at some point.

Then I went in his room to get him out of bed and discovered the smell...and in his crib and blanket, the vomit. Rather than a walk, the day then entailed crankiness, a bath, me then getting bath oil on our duvet cover, washing the duvet cover (and other laundry), Simon hardly eating, etc.

Today he woke up still looking sad and sick and barely ate any breakfast. That was a blessing, however, because after breakfast he went up to his room and vomited (mostly milk) all over the carpet. Seriously, it was a bit much vomit. It was almost comical watching him and his trails of vomit, of course it may have been more comical if I hadn't had to clean it up afterwards.

Jamund helped me clean it up (Jamund may be rethinking his "work from home" job description), and then I cuddled the little man for a good while.

This is Simon's second time being sick in about a month. Tell me again, why did he get a flu shot?

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