Monday, March 12, 2012

saving daylight

This year, like pretty much any year I can recall, I wasn't looking forward to "springing forward" the clocks.

Then, on Saturday night, I realized that Simon would likely wake up at his normal time, but that would be an hour later according to the springing forward rule. And, since we didn't have to wake up at any specific time (thanks to 1 p.m. church), we could also wake up at a normal time (hence, not technically or by default losing sleep, assuming we went to bed around the same time). We would just be losing an hour during the day, which didn't really bother me.

Rejoice! I celebrated by allowing myself to stay up with Jamund and watch Real Salt Lake kick LA Galaxy's bum (soccer, people, soccer), winning 3-1. Take that Beckham. Oh, and switching channels to watch some "Sweet Genius" too. Although somehow I think we missed about 2-3 of the four goals due to this switching back and forth. But it was still exciting.

Anyway, Simon also took a morning nap on Sunday before church (again, rejoice!) and slept well last night, waking up at a proper time this morning.


This year, I'm loving daylight savings time-- long live the spring forward!

p.s. this photo is old—this rocking chair is now gone! Painting will commence in Simon's "new" room this week, hopefully.

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