Thursday, May 31, 2012


So I'm obviously not doing so hot with keeping up with the blog. Other things I have been doing include:

1. Reading. I have been reading a lot of Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham (same person). So far my favorites were "Twenties Girl" and the newest one. I didn't read the whole Shopaholic series because it wasn't as good (to me) and the language was a bit more vulgar (not awful but a lot of misusing the Lord's name, etc.)

2. Shopping. Online. Seriously, how do people not use the Internet for shopping? How else would I have found a watch style I actually like to wear (currently wearing this but purchased from Amazon). Actually, Jamund technically found the brand. But still. Also, I just got my "post baby congratulations shirts" from, and I love them. So that's something (two things) to look forward to once I am sans huge belly.

3. Eating, cooking, etc. Watermelon, oh my goodness. How much watermelon have I consumed since that one post I wrote earlier this year? A lot.

4. Being outside with Simon. Because he can run around and play and I can sit and read, be lazy, etc.


5. Getting ready for baby. I was kind of anxious that she would decide to come before I was full term but now that full term is here (I'm in week 37 currently), I've mellowed out and now am thinking/remembering that it's probably easier/nicer in some ways to remain pregnant for a bit longer. In other words, she can come week 39 and I'm okay with that. After the due date, not so thrilling, so probably in my week 39 appointment (if I have said appointment and don't have the baby out yet) we will discuss inducing options... but the doctor wanted me to think about membrane stripping to speed things up, and I've decided probably not. I kind of like sleeping through the night (although I think I have heat rash or something and I woke up last night NEEDING to scratch my leg so badly. It was not pleasant, but I got more sleep than if I had to wake up every few hours to feed, burp, and change a newborn!).

Anyway, we are of course going to be okay with whenever baby decides to arrive (as long as it's not today or tomorrow since Jamund is out of town), but she can wait about 2 weeks if she likes and we'll be just fine with that too... which leads me to:

6. Going out. Jamund and I have been trying to go out on outings, dates, etc. since we know that it will be awhile before we go out together/for long periods of time (like multiple hours in a row) after baby debuts. Some outings have included Simon, but we also have left Simon at home with babysitter(s) so we could go out to eat, see a movie, go to the temple, etc. (Speaking of movies, why is "Moonrise Kingdom" not playing locally on Saturday night !? Why? Maybe because we are in Utah County).

IMG_2309  IMG_2200

Also, random. I'm planning to get rid of some cloth diaper things (this system) since I think Simon's skin is perhaps too sensitive for the microfiber/fleece(?) insert. Anyone interested? I liked the idea of the system (we have three diapers and a bunch of inserts, etc. in the large size), but like I said, I think we're going to go back on the organic cotton route with Simon. If you are interested, let me know.

Monday, May 21, 2012

pregnancy blah blah

These aren't super recent, seeing as today marks the beginning of week 36, but oh well. Someday I'll post more, probably.

week 33:

almost week 34:
IMG_2264  IMG_2262

Simon's been sick the last few days so that's not really a good time. We did, however, go to the Lamb and Wool Festival at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday. Photos to come of that blessed event.

Here are miscellaneous photos of our life and me being pregnant (not necessarily in chronological order of pregnant-ness).

IMG_2240  IMG_2182

IMG_2237  IMG_2236


Friday, May 18, 2012

nanaimo bars

Nanaimo bars are truly delicious.

Jamund knows and appreciates this fact, so I ordered a baker's dozen from the Sweet Tooth Fairy for his birthday. (We did not need a baker's dozen, but a dozen was necessary for a special order, so we now have a good stash of frozen nanaimo bars on hand.)

Simon enjoyed some on the drive home from picking them up:

IMG_2061  IMG_2064

Later, we added some candles for a little birthday pizazz:

IMG_2072  IMG_2074

The next day, we went to City Creek in SLC for some shopping and exploring.


It was great until Simon started having a meltdown, and the Cheesecake Factory wait was so long for lunch (so we went to Kneaders, where the line was also so long). Ah well, at least I got to go to (among other places) Lush and buy wonderful and expensive body wash, solid shampoo, and face mask goop.

Happy birthday Jamund....;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, whilst trying to be a more active parent (usually while Simon plays outside I sit in a chair—I am fully pregnant, after all), I decided to play basketball with Simon. He would lift the ball up and I would take it from him and attempt to make a basket. He was loving it—until the ball came down right on his face/nose as he was looking up at the hoop. Parent fail.

I don't know how one discerns if a toddler has a broken nose, but it doesn't look too bad to me.... and it wasn't bleeding at all. He cried and I tried to put an ice pack on his nose for at least a little bit, and now he seems okay... Oh man. I should've just sat in my chair and let him throw the basketball around!

Here are photos from a happier day, when I wasn't letting a giant hard ball fall on my child's face:

IMG_2048  IMG_2053

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I finally uploaded photos from my phone... and it has been awhile! Do I start with Mother's Day photos or the now old photos? And what to say?

Let's see. As an update to the last post: the watermelon was lovely, and we have been buying a new watermelon consistently: usually when we finish up one, we head out for another within a day or two. I love watermelon! Why is it so good?

IMG_2010  IMG_2015

We also had some good tree blossoms... and now itty bitty tiny fuzzy peaches and mini pears are on (their respective) trees. The garden is a work in progress: weed tarps are down and the following are planted: some spinach, beets, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers.

This also happened:
IMG_2041  IMG_2044

Anyway, more photos and updates to come soon. Mostly we have been spending time outside, eating watermelon, preparing for baby... and yes, nesting has been in full effect: baby clothes washed and put away, Simon's new room ready, food storage room organized/cleaned out to my liking (still need/want to inventory it... oh, and clean out the garage), under the stair closet more organized, laundry room looking better, baby supplies purchased (diapers—both disposables for the beginning and some new cloth, swaddle blankets, etc.). Getting ready! Hoping baby will stay in until June (especially since Jamund is leaving during week 37 for a few days and coming home June 1)....cross your fingers for us!