Friday, July 20, 2012


It's a good thing I turned 28 because I was kind of in denial about being 27. Twenty eight seems more manageable somehow.

I made myself a pretty wonderful watermelon cake for my birthday via this website (which I found some this website). However, I saved half of the cake and froze it (frosting-less) to reduce "leftovers" and to allow us to make a new half, fresh, on a later date.


While this was a good idea on many levels (it looks cute, it tasted good, leftovers indeed reduced, etc.), it also made frosting it much harder (in my opinion). Frosting a raw edge of cake (I cut a round cake in half and then layered one semi-circle on top of the other) is not such a good idea. Especially a really moist cake. So, my frosting is not super smooth and nice looking, but it tasted good!

Jamund did a really nice job of present-picking, and Simon helped out quite a bit with unwrapping presents. And Eleanor was...there.



Happy family! Happy birthday me!


Thursday, July 19, 2012


I love llamas. I actually love alpacas more since they are smaller and therefore cuter, but llamas will do when alpacas are not around.

Well, this year we finally decided to go to Llama Fest (which is held each year at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork). Factors contributing to this decision: we were actually in town, we saw advertising for it and therefore knew it was happening, Eleanor's feeding schedule permitted it, and we figured we could be back before bedtime for off we went!


Mostly it was a weird mix (as Jamund put it) of hipsters, hicks, and Indian culture. And llamas. Wandering freely around. Well, at least a few.


Mostly it was a strange, small sort of festival, but it was fun to see Simon get excited and say "moose" or "mama!" (rather than llama). And the baby llamas. Oh my. I don't think we got a photo of them, but heavens. So cute.


And don't worry. I got one of the pretty much ridiculous t-shirts that would be ugly except for the fact that it has a GIANT LLAMA HEAD in the middle of it. Which is probably what makes it ugly, but then it's a llama so... (see the conundrum?!). Anyway, it's a my new jammie shirt. Win!

p.s. Please read this article about the Llama Fest. I was really loving the quote from the festival organizer about why llamas make a festival great. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Simon had a birthday! Another one!

Jamund's dad and family were in town and we pre-celebrated on Sunday:


Grandpa Ferguson barbecued salmon for us (Jamund's favorite).

IMG_2856  IMG_2859


Baby Eleanor seemed to enjoy meeting some new (to her) grandparents.


I think she felt especially at ease with Kristi... Meanwhile, Uncle Jake probably felt the least at ease with holding her (though he did a good job!).

IMG_2882  IMG_2891

Most of Simon's actual birthday was spent in Midway, although we had breakfast at Chick's in Heber City:



Not too epic of a birthday, but he did get some blocks, a ball, shoes, trains, a super awesome dinosaur themed kiddie pool,  clothes, toys, a personalized towel, etc....Not bad for only being alive as long as he has!


Happy day, Simon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

going to bed. soon.

It would be our luck that we buy 2 things of ice cream on the day our freezer apparently decides to go kapoot. Kaput? The refrigerator half of the side by side refrigerator/freezer seems to be okay (fingers crossed?) but the freezer? Not so hot. Actually, not so freezing. You know. Maybe it will get better by the morning?

Could be worse, though. At least we haven't had to evacuate because of a fire. (Seriously, Utah? So many fires!) At least we are relatively healthy (baby girl has thrush, though, so we're dealing with that). At least Jamund has work off tomorrow! (shopping for a new fridge?) At least it's a holiday so maybe fridges will be on sale?

Anyway, I better go to bed. Sleep is important when you have a baby. This is a fact.