Tuesday, July 3, 2012

going to bed. soon.

It would be our luck that we buy 2 things of ice cream on the day our freezer apparently decides to go kapoot. Kaput? The refrigerator half of the side by side refrigerator/freezer seems to be okay (fingers crossed?) but the freezer? Not so hot. Actually, not so freezing. You know. Maybe it will get better by the morning?

Could be worse, though. At least we haven't had to evacuate because of a fire. (Seriously, Utah? So many fires!) At least we are relatively healthy (baby girl has thrush, though, so we're dealing with that). At least Jamund has work off tomorrow! (shopping for a new fridge?) At least it's a holiday so maybe fridges will be on sale?

Anyway, I better go to bed. Sleep is important when you have a baby. This is a fact.

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