Thursday, July 19, 2012


I love llamas. I actually love alpacas more since they are smaller and therefore cuter, but llamas will do when alpacas are not around.

Well, this year we finally decided to go to Llama Fest (which is held each year at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork). Factors contributing to this decision: we were actually in town, we saw advertising for it and therefore knew it was happening, Eleanor's feeding schedule permitted it, and we figured we could be back before bedtime for off we went!


Mostly it was a weird mix (as Jamund put it) of hipsters, hicks, and Indian culture. And llamas. Wandering freely around. Well, at least a few.


Mostly it was a strange, small sort of festival, but it was fun to see Simon get excited and say "moose" or "mama!" (rather than llama). And the baby llamas. Oh my. I don't think we got a photo of them, but heavens. So cute.


And don't worry. I got one of the pretty much ridiculous t-shirts that would be ugly except for the fact that it has a GIANT LLAMA HEAD in the middle of it. Which is probably what makes it ugly, but then it's a llama so... (see the conundrum?!). Anyway, it's a my new jammie shirt. Win!

p.s. Please read this article about the Llama Fest. I was really loving the quote from the festival organizer about why llamas make a festival great. 

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