Friday, July 20, 2012


It's a good thing I turned 28 because I was kind of in denial about being 27. Twenty eight seems more manageable somehow.

I made myself a pretty wonderful watermelon cake for my birthday via this website (which I found some this website). However, I saved half of the cake and froze it (frosting-less) to reduce "leftovers" and to allow us to make a new half, fresh, on a later date.


While this was a good idea on many levels (it looks cute, it tasted good, leftovers indeed reduced, etc.), it also made frosting it much harder (in my opinion). Frosting a raw edge of cake (I cut a round cake in half and then layered one semi-circle on top of the other) is not such a good idea. Especially a really moist cake. So, my frosting is not super smooth and nice looking, but it tasted good!

Jamund did a really nice job of present-picking, and Simon helped out quite a bit with unwrapping presents. And Eleanor was...there.



Happy family! Happy birthday me!


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