Friday, August 17, 2012

so um yeah

So it's been awhile. We have:

1. Gone on a "vacation" to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where there was much Olympics watching and general staying in the house going on (Henderson/Vegas is HOT in the summer, guys).

2. Gotten the flu (well, Jamund and I). The flu is the pits. Especially when you have a two year old and a two month old.

3. Started a home improvement kick. This has made this week especially busy. Jamund is doing things like installing new door stoppers. Crazy. We also bought more tan bark to put in the backyard and more rock for the front yard. Poor Jamund, shoveling rocks in the heat.

4. Bought a new refrigerator. Yesterday I came home from shopping to discover that the freezer had gone out again: water on the floor from the ice maker (hello, warped wood flooring. Yes, it has happened. Ideas?). The freezer has had this problem before, only the refrigerator side also decided to throw in the towel this time around. Cue food going warm/bad and us eating lots of yogurt in the last 24 hours. Jamund went out and did some shopping/research last night and before breakfast, and Simon and I went out during Eleanor's morning nap. We decided on a Samsung fridge from the RC Willey outlet that was in stock and could be delivered today (a necessity for me). I liked one at Home Depot, but apparently delivery would be for next Wednesday... yeah, not going to happen. Luckily RC Willey matched Home Depot's free delivery for me, and we got some money off because I didn't want some "free chairs" that were advertised (what is with RC Willey and their "freebies"? We also got some free popcorn for purchasing something today. I mean, it's fine [and Simon enjoyed eating popcorn on the way home], it's just kind of strange).

So now we are awaiting our new refrigerator (scheduled to come "sometime after 3 p.m.").... Hopefully some of the fridge food will be salvageable (and thank goodness we own a chest freezer)!

And, on another note, hopefully everyone who comes to our house can fully appreciate the fact that our refrigerator will coordinate with our Samsung TV and DVD/VHS player.  Ha.

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