Monday, October 1, 2012

sorry guys

Apologies for two photo-less posts, but writing something is better than not, right? Maybe? Depends?

It is now October. I love fall. I don't care so much about Halloween, truth be told, but I do like fall. I like shifting my wardrobe and crunching leaves (now with stroller tires instead of bike tires). I like the weather. I like the foods (although I do love summer fruits the best). So...fall is just nice. 

What else... hmm. Baby girl seems to be sleeping through the night now. Hooray! Next up: sleeping in her own room? She is a little love, and she's doing so well. Today she rolled over from her tummy to her back a few times, so there's that.

Simon is a crazy little man. I love him to bits, and man, he is a talker. And he's busy. Phew.

As for the adults in the family... we are here, surviving, eating lots of Greek yogurt (seriously, it's almost ridiculous)...

Speaking of food, we recommend: Cubby's in Provo (the best hamburger Jamund's ever eaten out). 

Speaking of recommendations, go to Harmony in Provo. Just go and buy something because I want them to stay in business because the lady is so nice and I just love the fabric. They also sell lots of yarn and gift things and such. It is such a lovely shop and I love it.

Speaking of yarn, I may or may not start knitting again, though I plan to just make scarves because then I won't get too stressed out about it. Maybe baby hats. Maybe.

Speaking of baby hats, soon it will be winter and the babies will need them. Speaking of winter, oh man. I hope it doesn't snow SOOOO much. Sigh. 

Happy October!

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