Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Life

Hey everyone, it's Jamund,

We've had a pretty busy fall life. In the previous post we saw pictures of Simon's gymnastics experience and learned about our pending moving plans. Those are good things, but there have been many other good things as well. Let's see some pictures of them.

I took a day off last month so we could all go as a family up to South Jordan and see a few exciting places including Gardner Village and Wheeler Farms as well as visit the famous Dunford Donuts factory. It's famous for me anyway, because it's where Utah's finest donuts are produced. I love them. Anyway, it ended up being a pretty stressful and busy day, but this picture proves that Simon and I had some fun at some point during the day :) The donuts were of course delicious and were eaten up in a few days.

Gardner Village

Gardner Village is a little place with miniature houses with seasonal shops stuffed in them. Kari loves one of the year-round shops called Down To Earth which is some sort of boutique home store. Because I appreciate great design I too become enamored with the $80 pillows and $400 chairs. One day, oh one day. Anyway, Kari wants the gray bed they have. The village was having a witch themed event, which was good. Simon loved for some reason the witch-themed outhouse called "Witchy Poo".

Untitled  Untitled

This place is alright. We have to remember that the cafe has pretty ghetto cafeteria food, but there are a lot of fun places to shop and look around, so it's worth a visit once in a while. Simon liked it a lot.


Later we ended up at Wheeler Farms and Kari was looking cute in front of a baby cow. Forget the cow. Baby Eleanor and Kari are way cuter. That place was alright, but it's far away and kind of dry.


More recently we went to the pumpkin patch at Harward Farms here in Springville. Simon was a peach and picked his own pumpkin. Lovely boy. We also enjoyed the hay stack maze and tractor ride.  It was free also. Seriously, we love Springville!!!

Harward Farm's Pumpkin Patch

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