Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a bit on disneyland

So, I know a post about Disneyland pretty much demands photos. However, I am not going to do photos on this post. Why? I'm not on the "big" computer, and photos take some time to upload, etc.

A short rundown on Disneyland with a baby under 6 months old and a toddler under 2.5.

Don't do it.

Okay, maybe do it. But don't have a sick toddler (which we did) and do bring a baby wrap and stroller for the toddler (which we did). But not having a sick toddler pretty much trumps anything else.

Simon managed to come down with the flu/vomiting the morning we were to leave. What do you do? For one, hope it is the 24 hour flu. e vomited in the car on the way to the airport, for goodness sakes, and we had to stop at Old Navy, buy new clothes, throw out some old clothes, and try to clean the carseat the best we could.

He seemed to be doing better later on, and our first day at Disneyland was pretty fun (seriously, thank goodness for the baby wrap to hold Eleanor, since Simon wanted to sit in the stroller basically the whole time).

On day 2 (of 3), we went to California Adventure around lunch time and were loving Cars Land (so cool—it really looks like the movie). Jamund took Simon on the flying tires ride and came out holding Simon, so happy, but with something on his shirt.... poop.

And thus began the yucky poop phase of our Disney trip. Day 3 was pretty much misery time. It was rainy, my shoes (Toms) and socks were basically wet and squelchy the entire day. We powered through a tantrum, going to Disneyland and California Adventure, and then back to Disneyland. During/after dinner we had another yucky poop on our hands (well, in his pants), so we went to the Mother/Baby area (which is great) to change his diaper and feed Eleanor. The diaper change required an outfit change and then we were out reading some books when Simon was offered and took a pretzel from some people. He took a bite and then vomited all over. Jamund caught some in his hands and on his clothes. Simon didn't have another change of clothes, so he (and Jamund) spent the rest of the cold/yucky evening in vomitty clothes. Oh man, it was awful. Eleanor also had a yucky poop right after that which required a change of clothes. If Day 3 had been Day 1, we might have only had one day at Disneyland, you know what I mean?

So we made it back to the hotel and went to bed (after trying to "wash" out clothes in the bathtub). I woke up feeling yucky and had my own yuckiness and vomit time before we headed to the airport (we also had to wait outside in the rain for our shuttle for awhile. Nice).

We made it home eventually, somehow, and I only threw up once more at home! (it's the small things).

We've now transitioned from the flu to horrible nasty colds and what I'm pretty sure is croup. Poor Eleanor. She is just miserable.

Anyway, I feel like we are under quarantine. So far it's been a pretty lousy December, though we do have a great tree with awesome frosted sugar cookie gnomes, owls, and squirrels on it...

Pictures someday. Probably. Maybe.

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  1. Loved this! So glad that you blog. I can hear your voice as I read these things!