Monday, December 3, 2012

Giving thanks

Hello people!

So, we had a pretty good/busy Thanksgiving week. We decided to (finally) go to the "Eat Like a Pilgrim" Thanksgiving dinner at Thanksgiving Point. We've been mulling over going for at least 1-2 years now, and we finally took the plunge. It got the kids home a bit late for bed, but oh well. Basically, it was a "reenactment" of the first Thanksgiving, but I'm not convinced the food was as authentic as they claim it is/should be. We had salad, apple cider, bread, corn pudding, pumpkin (which Ellie tried a little bit of for her "first" real/solid food), turkey, pork, and berry cobbler. They also had some animals—like a little goat, calf, turkey, as well as some pilgrim-type things (exhibits/games). Also, of course, there were people dressed up like pilgrims and Native Americans. 

Other than that, the week involved this:

And this— Eleanor's first cereal:

And, naturally, Thanksgiving itself:

(inspiration for the centerpieces from here)

My sister and her family came over along with my mom, who happened to be in town, for a "Mexican" themed Thanksgiving. We made a turkey and cranberry sauce, but mostly we enjoyed eating the tortillas, rice, beans, chips, salsa, guacamole, and corn pudding. We also had some pies for dessert. Some of the kids put on a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving, complete with an after dinner dance party that the pilgrims probably should have had, if they didn't. Also, Jamund was so pleased because he somehow got almost everybody (read: not me, at least not for very long) to watch "Princess Mononoke." That, in itself, constituted a successful day for Jamund. 

Next up: our very exciting and memorable Disneyland trip with two babies! 

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