Sunday, December 2, 2012


Halloween isn't really our deal. In the months preceeding we talk over and over about potential costumes for our family. We could all dress up like characters from The Bernstein Bears, or Harry Potter or whatever. But our affinity for costume making or even costume designing is pretty lousy, so we usually drop the ideas and come up with something fairly last minute for the kids.

To start off Halloween for FHE that week we made some awesome Jack-O-Lanterns. Simon was mostly memorized by them.


This year was Simon's first year being able to go trick or treating. Kari and Eleanor were both a little sick so they stayed home and we left the candy on the porch. 

This year Simon dressed up like a Train Engineer. His costume was borrowed from some friendly neighbors. I think Kari made the kerchief herself.


It was our first year going out together. We had a lot of fun. Usually he'd go up to the door and stare at the people until they gave him candy :)

Trick or Treating

Eleanor was dressed up like a lovely butterfly. Simon thought her costume was a backpack and also liked very much to wear it.


That night we also had our traditional Jack-O-Lantern pizzas, but we were out of Tomatoes so we used Sausage instead to make the face. It was pretty good. I tried to make one that looked like a moon (in anticipation of this great idea I have to make a pizza company called Half Moon Bay Pizza Co.), but it didn't really work out that well. This probably spells doom for my pizza company idea as well.


We also made delicious sugar cookies we tried to make with food colored frosting. Simon loved this one. For obvious reasons.


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