Saturday, December 1, 2012

That Time I Remodeled The Bathroom

So Kari mentioned that we are moving to the bay area and selling the house. Part of selling a house is getting it ready for other people to enjoy. While we certainly enjoy our home there are definitely some parts of our house that aren't super awesome. One such area used to be our downstairs bathroom. With the help of Ikea and a bunch of time we made it beautiful. Below is a decent side by side photo of the transformation.

Let me outline some of the improvements:
- Removed wallpaper
- Removed old fixtures / mirrors
- Removed old vanity / sink
- Cleaned up walls
- Had some guy fix the molding along the floor
- Painted Walls
- Added new lights from Ikea
- Installed awesome Ikea vanity over the course of 2 weeks :)
- Put up a cute print above the toilet
- Added a nice mirror from Lowes
- Added new Ikea towel racks and toilet paper holder

It was a fun job. It took 2-3 weeks to finish, but we're super happy with it. Unfortunately not all of our DIY jobs have been this successful and while we saved probably $1000 over having someone else do the work, it took a lot of time and was a fairly big hassle. The good thing was the Ikea plumbing stuff was way easier than we had been warned about online. Hurray for cute houses, if only our new one can be this cute :)


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