Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still going...

So a few things are gone from our previous post, but you can still claim a few of the things if you'd like... Including items #1, 4, 6-10, and 12! (I decided to keep the dishes)

What else. Sweet little Eleanor battled bacterial conjunctivitis and came out on top thanks to some antibiotic eye drops...Simon is still potty training and continuing a love affair with the characters from "Cars." We are cleaning out and getting ready for the move. That's mostly what I do. I also spilled yogurt all over after lunch today... including on my jeans, the fridge, the floor, etc. That wasn't so great.

Sometimes it's crazy in this house. Mostly. And does/did anyone else have a 9 month old who is so wiggly (rolling over, grabbing things, etc.) that you can hardly change their diaper and/or clothes (probably 98% or so of people who have ever had a 9 month old...)? Oh man. Rough.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buy our stuff!

Okay people. I'm going to try and knock out this post quickly because it's almost that sad time of the day called "end of nap times."

So, we are moving. This is happening. We are moving somewhere that will not be as large as our current home, and likely with not as much "built in" storage. Therefore, we must needs sell stuff. Unfortunately for all of you in the market for a large Costco sectional, the buyers of our house are going to inherit that (this transpired in a sly deal we made after receiving results of the home inspection...sly or necessity? Ha. At least I get to sit on my couch until the day we move out! Win!)

Tangent aside, here are some things we would like to sell or else.

1. An Ikea Karlstadd (sp?) chaise lounge. It connects to the Karlstadd sectional, hence why the fabric has "holes" (we have two covers or you can go and buy a cover from IKEA and use it as a standalone chaise. $75 OBO


2. Two chairs:


They match. Maybe $200 for the two OBO

3. This little table. He likes to live between the two chairs. Or in your house. $10


4. This nice ottoman (it is not fuzzy looking in real life ;). $50 OBO


5. These bikes! Come on! I will miss them but we are bringing our ginormous Madsen bucket bike. I want them to stay together and live in sunny happiness. Or in Utah. $200 for the pair.


6. Boppi pillow! It is super nice because it turns out that I wasn't really into using the Boppi pillow to nurse. $15


7. Kiddie pool (inflatable). It is awesome and big and has I think dinosaurs and a volcano slide and it's CRAZY. We got it new at Target and barely used it. $15 see here

8. Another bike. I don't know. It's a Specialized bike or something nice. It's actually Jamund's sister's bike but we have it and will give her the money if it sells. She needs money! Buy it! $100

9. King box springs. These are basically new. Turns out the bed frame we got doesn't need box springs (thanks for telling us that, sales person. Jeez). $50 OBO

10. A Kitchen Aid Professional mixer. The kind they sell at Costco. You know. Silver. $125 OBO

11. Also I have some vintage China that my parents will probably be sad that I'm trying to sell but I think I need to let it go. So parents, let me know if you are morally opposed to me selling old ancestral dishware and I can release it back to your care. Here is a sample photo:


Way more photos on flickr! I am not sure how much it is worth, there are many pieces.

Hmm... Also cloth diapers:

12. Bum Genius Deluxe all in one 3.0 (8 small, 8 medium) $30 OBO


13. Best Bottom (check out for more info): brown and owl covers (2 owl, not sure 1-2 brown?), 9 stay dry insert size large, 2 micro overnight size large, 2 micro doubler size large, and 3 hemp/cotton size large. (sorry the photo is sideways). $30 OBO


Seriously! Guys! By this stuff! Comment and claim your new stuff! Hey hey! (also, I didn't really knock out this post. It took awhile and now I think the babies may be upstairs revolting)

Monday, March 4, 2013

How I get Simon to nap, among other things

Yes, it's been a while. No, I'm not going to post any Disneyland photos today. We have been accomplishing much, I would say, in our blogging absence including...

Putting our house on the market, dealing with showings, and accepting an offer (we plan to move out in April)! Big deals! It is not the easy thing to try and sell a house while you have two little children under the age of 3, but we are surviving. We are also blessed that Jamund's work will pay for us to get packed and moved out to California by a proper moving company. They must really like him!

As for the family in general: Ellie is a proper almost 9 month old these days... army crawling, loving eating solids, following her brother around, pulling herself up, drinking from a straw bottle (seriously, it's so cute), etc.

Simon is potty training pretty successfully, although we are still working on keeping the pee in the mini potty when he urinates...I'm understand why people say girls are easier to potty train than boys. He's a funny little man who loves to play, run around, get into things, and pray... he will tell us what he is grateful for when we pray and it can be pretty funny/cute. Little man was not wanting to take naps for awhile and I started laying down with him and now I basically hold his hands and put my legs on his legs until he falls asleep...and then I either leave quietly or take a nap too! Not ideal, but it's better than no naps. He's getting much better at falling asleep. In the beginning it was a battle—he would spit on me, punch/elbow me in the face, be super chatty, make weird noises, squirm around, etc. I had to try so hard to be patient and ignore most of it, and now I think he's given in (at least mostly!).

So that's what's up with us. Mostly my life revolves around planning and cooking food from our freezer/food storage, going out to eat at places we will miss when we move, potty training, cleaning out, and taking care of Eleanor/trying to prevent her from (1) getting hurt by her big brother and/or (2) falling down the stairs. Mommy life. It's exhausting.