Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Full time renters

That's right, people, we are no long home owners. Our house closed and we've got the money in our bank account.


We now live in San Jose and would be loving the awesome weather even more if we didn't all have colds to some degree or another. The irony!

Besides being sickies currently, we are really enjoying living where we do—the weather is amazing, we have a park RIGHT by our house, the house is super nice (besides being super tall which can be hard/tiring), church is great, people are super nice, Target/Costco/Trader Joe's are each about 10 minutes from our house...

I mean, sure, we do have people rifling through our garbage after it goes out to try and find cans to cash in... but other than that, we feel pretty safe and secure.

Anyway, I'll try to post photos soon. Maybe. Ha!

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