Tuesday, May 28, 2013

spring flu

Maybe it is a little suspicious and/or bad luck, but we got over our colds only to shortly thereafter come down with the flu. Unfortunately, rather than being the 24 hour flu, it happened to be a flu rather like the Disneyland flu of 2012 (seriously, did I never post Disneyland photos?) wherein Simon was sick on Monday, seemed a little better only to come down with the yucky poop later in the week and then passed the flu torch, as it were, on to me at the end of the week... this time Eleanor joined in as well. Babies getting the flu is the pits. Finding them in their crib in the morning with hair matted down with vomit is just gross and sad. Luckily, the span of the flu was more condensed with me and Eleanor, though we still went/are going (hopefully she is done?!) through the two major phases of sickness.

Anyway.... you'd think moving to super nice weather and happiness would make us healthier?! Maybe since we are out and about more we are more exposed to illness from other kids/adults? Regardless, I am feeling ready to stop being sick! I have had to cancel eye appointments twice now—I'm on my last set of contacts and my appointment is now pushed back to next Monday so I hope I don't accidentally rip or lose a contact lens! Ha!

But really.

Other than doing lots of laundry on the super hot sanitary cycle and lounging around or feeding babies saltine crackers, we are trying to finish up getting settled in, including artwork/etc. in the kids' rooms (paper airplanes in Simon's room, idea courtesy of Jamund...and Eleanor's room is sporting some awesome "poof balls" above her crib). We have rented a lot of movies (2009 "Star Trek," entertaining as always, "Life of Pi" better than anticipated plus how can you not love the opening credits with all of those animals!?, "Jack Reacher" we stopped because it was too violent). We had our first California babysitter from the ward so we could go see the new "Star Trek"...and we highly recommend Penn Gillete's ice cream at Walgreens ("Celebrity Apprentice," anyone?)... salted chocolate swirl?! Hello! So good! It literally sells out at our local Walgreens, so we've only had it once. And yes, last night we went to 2 different Walgreens looking for it (or for Trace Adkins' flavor, which I haven't tried yet, but I don't think he should've won so I'm not as excited about that one). 

Yeah, I've been cooped up in the house for a long time. Can you tell?

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