Thursday, June 27, 2013

we do take photos

Guys, I am finally going to post some OLD photos. Because I haven't in so long and Simon is reading a book happily so I figure I have a chance.

They will mostly be random (and I WILL post Disneyland photos sometime... from November... oh man):

Going to the BYU dinosaur museum during a supposed showing of our house. I say supposed because I think they actually canceled once we were out of the house and going to the BYU Dinosaur Museum:

BYU Dinosaur Museum

This one time when it was nice out and we went out to breakfast and bought lots of clothes at JCP for super cheap and then it was a blizzard when we left and I was scared for our lives driving home in the car:

And then this happened...

Looking rough and pretending it was spring in Utah. Pretending.

Playing outside

Moving day! I think the movers were loading the truck as this photo was being taken...

Moving Day

Driving from Vegas to California!
Moving Day

Perhaps the last place we had George. George, RIP, your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Moving Day

Hahaha. Living in California.

Cute ones

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