Thursday, July 18, 2013


Between/including June 14 and July 15, Simon, Eleanor, and I all have our birthdays! Summer birthdays are lovely. Also lovely is that we got to celebrate 2 out of the 3 birthdays in Arnold at the cabin. I'm not too disappointed that mine was at home because that meant I got to have the best breakfast from La Lune Sucree.

As an aside, La Lune Sucree is AMAZING. I have a personal unofficial quest to find the greatest almond croissant and so far they are the winners (although Harrod's in London was holding the title until we tasted La Lune Sucree, and I haven't been to Paris). Also delicious at La Lune Sucree are the quiche and breakfast croissant. Oh man.

Okay, back to birthdays. Here are a few photos from each birthday (from Jamund's phone):

IMG_4319  IMG_4311

And the obligatory cake shot:

And Simon's third birthday:


And apparently most of the Simon birthday pictures are on my phone, so I'll have to repost about that later...

And my birthday photos are also mostly on my phone, but here is one:


(We attempted to all go to La Lune Sucree downtown San Jose on the lightrail but then there was an accident somewhere on the line and the train wasn't coming... so Jamund just called in the order and picked it up while I fed the kids breakfast at home.)

As for what we actually did on the birthdays... Ellie's and Simon's were lovely and mellow and involved going to a lake at the cabin (a different one for each birthday) and eating on the deck outside for dinner. My birthday involved going to Happy Hollow with friends, going out for lunch, and getting a babysitter and eating appetizers for dinner at Cheesecake Factory and then walking around Santana Row without children. Shopping without kids. You don't fully understand how nice it is until you have two plus kids, I think.

...but we love our kids! ;) And we love being a year older (although 29 to me is one of those years that means you are just waiting for the next birthday... 30... here I come!)

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