Monday, August 26, 2013

what, you don't want babysitting disguised as school?

I had a few thoughts about things.

First of all, though, a little recap of life in the last month...

Gilroy Gardens: We went twice. Simon and I now have passes for the rest of this year and for 2014 (Eleanor is free). It is pretty awesome and makes me not feel the need to go to Disneyland because it is pretty cool for the kiddies and reminds me that I don't want to spend any time above 15 minutes in lines for rides with Simon and Eleanor.

Happy Hollow: The kids and I went today. They saw a puppet show, among other things.

Double stroller: purchased. Awesome, besides the fact that it has little storage. It is an inline Phil & Ted's from Costco and is super easy to maneuver.

Oakland Temple: Jamund and I went to the Oakland Temple. (We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in case you didn't know). It was such a beautiful day that you could see San Francisco so well, and, the way the clouds were, it almost didn't seem real—like a movie or painting or something. The temple was busy, and we ate food in the cafeteria for lunch before coming home and relieving the babysitter of her duties.

Other things happened, but that's all I want to write about in the recap.

Other thoughts:

Since living here, I have been asked a lot if I'm sending Simon to preschool. Like, a lot. I'm not sure if it's because we're in California or because Simon turned 3 or because of the time of year, or what. But it is enough to be shocking to me. And then I learned that there is preschool and pre K and then kindergarten. This is all baffling to me. Is it just secretly for babysitting? Are parents just trying to get their kids out of the house? Or is school so competitive that parents are trying to make their kids super smart super young? What is the deal?

Anyway, Simon is not signed up for preschool since I plan to homeschool anyway and a formal preschool seems a bit silly in that case. I may do a letter of the week preschool program at home, but heavens. Chill out people! Let kids be kids! Let them learn more organically at a young age, you know? Maybe I'm wrong. That's fine. But I feel like there is a great pressure to always be measuring your child's development against others—like people getting really uptight about when babies are "supposed" to roll or sit up or crawl or walk or clap or say "hi" or whatever. Like it sincerely matters if they clap when they are 8 months or 14 months old. Like 16 month old clappers are going to be hindered for the rest of their lives because they missed out on months of being able to clap. Good grief. Chill out.

I'm trying to be more mellow about it. I got really stressed out about Simon learning/knowing colors awhile back and kept trying to teach and drill them into him and I feel like one day it seemed like he just *got* it. I think it's hard to remember that kids learn differently than we want or anticipate sometimes and it's okay (as long as they aren't super developmentally behind or anything).

But really, preschool and preK? Is this real life?!


(what? too young to learn to drive? come on!)