Friday, September 6, 2013

darn lactose

So awhile ago I was pretty certain I was lactose intolerant. I would take the pills when I had dairy, drink alternative milk options, etc.

Then I got pregnant and breast fed Simon and it was like I wasn't lactose intolerant anymore! I wondered if I had actually been mistaken in thinking that I was lactose intolerant at all. I was really only not breast feeding for a little bit before I got pregnant with Eleanor—and now I am remembering that in that short interim period I had some digestive problems/abdominal pain (I remember doing some yoga for digestion workout on Netflix to try and help it!).

Anyway, then I got pregnant and breast fed Eleanor... and now she is weaned and this week in particular, wow, I am feeling terrible! We had a milk shake at lunch time on Monday and Monday night before dinner I got really sharp abdominal pains that lasted a lot of the evening... then Tuesday morning I used some whole milk on my cereal and in the afternoon (we had a Frosty at lunch too)—abdominal pain.

Yesterday, I made some Trader Joe's cookie butter ice cream (in our relatively new ice cream maker). It was delicious but I ate maybe two or so scoops and, within two-three hours, I felt awful! I still feel pretty awful!

Last night I realized that I am probably lactose intolerant "again." I think that, for some reason, being pregnant and breast feeding "cured" my lactose intolerance but now whatever hormones or ability my body had for digesting the lactose has "run out" or gone away.

It is totally lame. I mean, we just got an ice cream maker! It seems like it is worse the higher the milk fat—does this make sense medically? I don't know, but when I drink/eat whole milk or heavy cream I feel like the abdominal pain and bloating (oh, the bloating!) is worse.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with this? Lactose intolerance going way while breastfeeding/pregnant? So weird. And is it true that yogurt isn't as bad as milk for lactose intolerance?

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