Tuesday, September 17, 2013


One of my biggest challenges in blogging is getting "new" photos uploaded and ready to use. It is so annoying to me. Hence why this is a photo from our last cabin trip:


Eleanor loves swings. And the playground in general. Today when I tried to get her back into her stroller to leave the park she freaked out and arched her back. It was quite a scene.

But, guys, it's M&M time of year. You know? Sometimes you just want to eat M&M's, and this year it happened to me around...now. I had a coupon, then Target also had a sale, and (BAM) we bought three bags of M&M's in one shopping trip... peanut butter (duh), plain, and white chocolate/candy corn (candy corn? really?).

Please excuse me while I go downstairs and make some M&M cookies.

(Also, I realize my blog makes it seem like I eat sugar and fatty things all the time. This is only sort of true. I do love desserts and usually always have some sweets on hand, but I also try to limit dessert intake to maybe something after lunch if necessary and usually after the kids are in bed as a special treat... every night...so does that make it not a "special" treat? Maybe more like a"I made it through the day, I deserve dessert" reward. I exercise, though, so I feel like I am semi justified in having sweets)!

Enough trying to make myself feel better about it! Who cares, I'm going to make and eat some cookies!

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  1. You are funny. We all believe you eat lettuce. But sweets are more fun to talk about, aren't they? M&m cookies sound like a great idea.