Monday, September 9, 2013

so maybe not so much...

yeah, so maybe it's not lactose.

I really tried to be good on Friday (and even got vegan pizza for dinner). I had yogurt at breakfast, but I tried not to have dairy otherwise. On Saturday, I used Lactaid pills. And I still felt yucky much of the time.


I researched (and of course was convinced I had) fructose malabsorption or maybe ulcers. But the thing is, without knowing what is wrong with you, it is hard to do elimination diets. Especially if you don't know which thing you have and the "bad" foods are different and even contradictory to each other.

So then I decided to just eat whatever and keep a food/symptom diary.

And then I also realized that I have a ridiculously bad family history of one type of digestive problem: gallstones. And I realized that my bad, bad pains usually followed fatty or fried foods (milkshake/fries/burger, Wendy's, pasta with sauce made with peanut butter, Trader Joe's cookie butter ice cream, croissants, quiche, etc.)

Of course, this is still just my newest working theory. But yesterday I didn't eat very much fatty/fried foods (I did have s'more bars for dessert...), and I felt basically fine the whole day!



We went to the cabin for Labor Day and it was awesome. I finished a Sherlock Holmes book I had been reading and started "The Fellowship of the Ring." (Note our new Ford Flex in the back of the above photo)

The kids love lakes. And beaches.


And just swimming in general.

Untitled  Untitled

Okay one more of the new car:


I should post more about that, but probably not. Let's just say, the deal was almost lost over some all weather floor mats with a not so awesome salesman but then salvaged by another better salesman who we had test driven the car with the night before. And I got my floor mats, which turned out to be very useful the very day we got them (and drove to the cabin) when Ellie threw her milk and the bottle leaked—luckily all over said floor mats, which were then a breeze to clean up (versus stinky milk soaked cloth floor mats).

Anyway... yes. Life.

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