Friday, January 24, 2014

so it's been a little while...

Quick post since the kiddies are probably awake now, but I thought, why not? Why not extend quiet/nap time for a few more minutes so I can "blog"? Ah, rationalization.

It's been quite the time since I last posted... various things happening/that have happened include:

• My becoming Primary President at church again. (not sure exact date on this compared to when I last posted, but it is something that helps keep my time occupied, so it's blog worthy?) Lots of meetings and children and teaching and organizing... and good experiences, of course. Simon is now a "Sunbeam" so that can be hard (with me as Primary President) and funny and cute.

• Family trip to Maui! Awesome. I could probably post some photos of that at some time. Eleanor LOVED it.

• Eleanor being sick most of the time with a cold/cough/runny nose

• Each child getting an ear infection

• My parents coming for Christmas/New Year's and being super helpful, of course, and the kids LOVING them so much

• Moving a few houses away over Christmas/end of December. We actually like our new house better (it's a tiny bit smaller but basically a very similar layout, one room we had in our last townhouse is now a "den" in this one, but that actually works better for us and makes the home feel more "homey" for some reason). But moving itself is not necessarily fun or awesome.

• My getting sick during the moving process

• Identity theft/debit card hacked /whatever you want to call it. Super annoying. The bank caught it and alerted me really fast, but it's so time consuming trying to make calls and change things to prevent future incidents and not having a debit card for a few days is kind of annoying. Actually I don't really care.

Ah well, life is still super good and I need to remember that. It's so easy to complain (and it can be entertaining sometimes), but I need to remember that life is so good! The kids are cute (and crazy), we are relatively healthy, at least not miserably unhealthy or anything, we live in California where it is not a polar vortex, and my kids haven't started screaming at me (or at least I can't hear it if they are!) yet.


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