Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips from my life

Some things that are helping me currently:

1. Drinking water: carrying a water bottle with me (even around the house) is great. Drink drink drink!

2. Exhale: Core Fusion Collection. This DVD set is kicking my bum. And thighs. And arms. And abs. If you were to just watch it and not do the exercises, you would likely think, "Hey, that can't be hard. They are hardly doing anything." And you would be wrong. It is such good toning work.

3. Mind games. Okay, so maybe not mind games so much as mentally preparing myself when it comes to food. I like to anticipate and psyche myself up for what I am going to eat. Especially treats or after the kids go to bed "snacks." So lately, instead of being like "cookie and ice cream, hooray!" and giving myself the mental permission to eat that, I have been trying to think, "yogurt with mini chocolate chips, almonds, and berries, hooray!" or "cereal! yes!"

For example, the night before Easter, I mentally took inventory of what I would be "allowed" to eat, knowing that it would be so easy to get out of hand if I didn't give myself limits... So I did, and I lost weight from the day before. On EASTER I LOST weight. Big deal for me.

4. Trader Joe's organic vanilla and vanana yogurts.

5. On Becoming Childwise. I really like the Babywise series. Simon is being a bit of a trial opportunity these days, and I am finding lots of good tips and reminders in this book. It might not work or be everyone's cup of tea, but it works for my parenting style/personality.

6. Acknowledging the fact that I am most likely fructose intolerant. Yes, I spent far too much time and money on doctor's appointments and tests ruling out gallstones and kidney stones only to stumble across fructose intolerance online. I have been trying to follow the diet suggestions (which is really hard because it's like, "stop eating lots of "healthy" things like honey and a huge slew of fruits and veggies and brown rice and agave syrup and lots of the current hyped up health foods..."). And it is so helpful. I really think I am fructose intolerant because the nights when I feel the sharp pains and such return, I usually have "cheated" or thought, "Oh, I'm doing alright, I can cook with salsa or tomatoes or eat soy sauce or have regular pizza or eat something with fig paste or apple in it..."And then it is not alright.

Anyone have any experience with fructose intolerance?

Anyway, I better stop blogging and resume parenting. If anyone else has any helpful tips from their life that they want to share, comment away!