Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What a Crazy Summer

Hanging out at the Rose Garden

Jamund here. I've been wanting to write for a while about this crazy summer. It's just not been normal by any stretch. I guess it all started in June. We went to the Cabin for Eleanor's birthday. She was turning 2 and we put her in one of those pack and play things and for the first time ever she just climbed out. Every time. She had no intention of sleeping at all. Ellie has now fully entered toddler land. She's running around, talking and generally being awesome.

Hanging out in the park 

Next up Simon. Simon turned 4 this year. He got a dragon kite. It is the best basically best gift. Simon loves flying kites (Eleanor is scared to death of the kite!) Him and I have gotten to spend some good time together going to see the new Planes movie, going downtown to the art museum and playing in the splash pad and just basically being awesome together.

Dragon Kite Flys High
Enjoying the Water Features at Plaza De Cesar Chavez 

Simon has also spent a few weeks in soccer camps. He can now kick the ball, stop the ball and generally outplay his pop on most days :)

Kids Love Soccer

A few other places we've enjoyed hanging out this summer is Gilroy Gardens and the San Jose Children's Museum. A few saturdays I took the kids to the children's museum on the bike and we had a great time. Eleanor calls it "neum" and will always give that answer when we ask her about her favorite part of the day. Gilroy Gardens also opened up a new splash pad this year that really brought a lot of joy into the kids lives and even my employer had a special company day there where I brought the kids. They had a lot of fun. I read a book on my iPhone :)

Kari was on an awesome diet this year and we ate a lot of organic vegetables and meat. She got really good and cooking steaks and I cooked a lot of Salmon on the grill. Yum! We mostly hung out, watched movies, some of our favorite films from the last few months include North by Northwest, Divergent, Fault in Our Stars.

So that's about it for us. We're doing pretty well. Having ups and downs and looking forward to the future!

Rose Garden Sunburst

Shadows over the Rose Garden

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