Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Surgery Recap

It's almost been a week since my laparoscopic surgery. Rather than being overly anxious or nervous about the surgery and recovery, I was more nervous that the doctor wouldn't find any endometriosis. I was worried about the embarrassment of having him tell me that nothing was obviously wrong. I didn't want to have wasted the time, money, and effort for nothing.

My mom came into town on Wednesday to help out with the kids. I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon and then got pain and nausea prescriptions filled before coming home and beginning the bowel cleanse. That in itself was anti-climatic until I took the suppository at night... phew. Anyway.

We went to the hospital the next morning and the pre-op nurses got me ready for surgery. I got to wear sweet socks and a gown that had holes where they inserted what appeared to be a hose that had warm air pumping through it. They gave me a bunch of pills, an IV, and otherwise got me ready for surgery.

Eventually I said goodbye to Jamund and was wheeled into the operating room. I slid from my bed on to the bed/table in the OR, Doctor Cook arrived, and I remember the anesthesiologist putting the gas mask on my face... and then I woke up in the recovery room. After hanging out there for awhile, they moved me up to the hospital room.

Luckily I had a catheter in because getting out of bed that day would have been quite a task between the IV, the morphine drip, the nose/mouth thing that helped me breath and also made sure that I was breathing enough (needed thanks to the morphine), the leg wraps that squeezed my calves to help prevent blood clots, and the eventual wrap around one of my fingers that checked my pulse. I was basically a prisoner in my bed, haha. I slept on and off, and I had a pleasant visit with my friend Katie (who brought me lovely flowers!) and a nighttime visit from Jamund. Poor Jamund, though! I was basically falling asleep and loopy the whole time he was there. He read to me and attempted to play a card game with me, bless him.


Jamund took me home on Friday afternoon and I was in pretty bad pain. Now it comes and goes. For some reason, I anticipated being tired and needing to rest but didn't expect super intense, stabbing pain from the incisions. Thank goodness for pain meds.

I had an appointment with Doctor Cook on Monday, and he went through the pathology report and some photos from the surgery with us. Basically...

1. I had endometriosis! Phew. He cleaned it out and estimated that it was Stage 2 endo.

2. I had a cyst by my right ovary. I asked him how big and he made about/maybe the shape of an egg (?!) with his hand. Good grief! I guess it was just a follicular cyst, though, and I think that he drained it and took a sample for pathology.

3. There were lots of varicose veins in my pelvic region. Apparently he hadn't seen veins as large as mine in the pelvic area in years. He tried to do what he could for them, but I think he was kind of surprised by them. (Although he did say during my ultrasound in February that I had some in my uterus too, I think). Looking it up online, this condition is called "pelvic congestion syndrome" and it basically has similar symptoms to endometriosis. Brutal.

For now I am still in recovery mode and dealing with the pain and tiredness of the surgery, so I guess I won't really know how well the surgery helped out with my pain until I am recovered! I am hopeful, though, and really pleased to finally have a diagnosis!

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  1. I was so happy for you when I saw the news. I mean, it's terrible and sounds like any one of those things would cause severe pain, let alone 3! but to find all of that out has me hopeful for you! Hope recovery treats you well!